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Mast Brother’s Chocolate

As if I need any more reason to eat Chocolate I come across Mast Brother’s Chocolate.  Not only are they perfectly packaged but the incredibly incredible chocolatey goodness, is highly popular too!  I mean really. Look how pretty!  Not only are these chocolate slabs hand wrapped, but the wrappers are designed by the Mast Brother’s friends and family!  It’s probably a good thing that they dont sell the deliciousness down here in South Africa, or I would be chocolated out!!

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WISHLIST: Dream Malibu Mansion

Not only is this Malibu Mansion amazing, and a dream beautiful beach home, it belongs to Courtney Cox. I have majour house envy!! She’s recently renovated her home working along side her architect and interior designer, she successfully created a beautiful beach home that, just begs to be lived in and enjoyed (which is, really, the best combination: perfectly pretty and functional at the same time). And just a little note to myself: I definatly want a built-in banquette/fire place overlooking the beach!!

{Image Source: Elle Decor}

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Winter and knitwear go hand in glove. Time to go a bit over the top with our knits. Chunky cables to colourful styles, printed leggings, anyone? It’s not every winter that the stores get the look so right, but this winter I’ve found some brilliant woolies- will the shops nail knits as well next winter? Stock up now. Country Road has some divine buy’s.

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The Leather Look

Sure, it’s tricky. But there is something incredibly modern about black leather. Perhaps steer clear of skin-tight styles. Leather skirts or pants look chic worn with a white shirt or a simple black knit. Make an unexpected addition to your wardrobe and purchase the cute leather skirt, but the look must be a bit flared and have length. Buy, store and see. It will be your favourite look this winter.

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{home in Durban}

{my mum and I}

Im going home to Durban today for the weekend. Hope you all have an amazing weekend.



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Coloured Shoes

The colour blocking trend reaches our feet! Be playful with punchy coloured feet. Colour Blocking Shoe trend has a child like charm. Pair them with pencil skirts or cigarette pants to pull the look together. Or pair with contrasting socks for a loud styling statement. If you wanting to go all out with the colour blocking trend then, wear with clashing colours for an eye catching look.

{my dream shoe wardrobe}

{Barbie’s shoe collection}

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