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Tomorrow is the start of Spring, and for as long as I can remember it was rained.  But with the idea of Spring comes happy summer thoughts such as this tranquil Spain home… decorated in soft blues, terracotas and tea rose hues surrounded by white walls.. How great would it be to spend a week vacationing in the south of Spain living in this house… total bliss and the perfect way to start off Spring.

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Dining room

Not only do I love cooking but with cooking comes hand in hand with entertaining.  Which is another one of my favourite things to do.  At the moment, I don’t have the biggest dining room in my little house but one thing I definitely do what, once I’m settled down and have a big home for my family is a large entertaining area.  A big dining room where lots of guest’s can be entertained…

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Colour pop

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A piece of Hey Sweetie!

Camilla, the lovely Durban based blogger from Hey Sweetie is sharing a piece of herself today.  She is a baker and designer and is currently loving bright & water melon colours…

Describing myself in five words… Food & fashion-obsessed, happy, tenacious, sucker for love.

The book I’m reading now is… Cookbooks. I have so many I still need to get through!

My dream outfit is… Anything from Wildfox Couture or Nasty Gal. Both brands are mainly casual wear, but they are SUPER cute. Designer-wise I love Galliano for his theatrical, dramatic collections.

I’m loving… Bright colour. Watercolours. Gold. Zebras.

I started blogging because… I suddenly became obsessed with baking and I needed […]

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one week till my birthday

If you dont know by now, you’ll never know!  I am a birthday freak! Well birthday, christmas, weddings, easter… you name it- anything.  I love them all.  I dont just love MY birthday, but I get excited for other’s too.  I love buying present’s, wrapping the presents all nicely, celebrating special occasions and baking yummy treats. But in a week today, it’s my birthday.  So, what am I doing?  I’ve invited a few of my closest friends to The Grand, Granger Bay for dinner on my actual birthday (as over the weekend I have work, tear) so I will be celebrating my birthday […]

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Wreta Gestgifveri Hotel, Sweden

Being a big dreamer, wisher and having a love for traveling, I cant help but dream about lovely hotels I wish to visit and countries I dream of exploring. So, to add to my wishlist is this divine Sweden Hotel, Wreta Gestgifveri.  It’s located about an hour and a half south of Stockholm in beautiful country surroundings and charming doesn’t even begin to describe it. The rooms are decorated in styles that range from Baroque to rustic, all of them impeccable. Wow, I tell you, it’s almost too much goodness in one place!



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Today is the roll out of our window concept in all our stores, so for the first eight hours of today, that is where ill be and what I’ll be doing.. Happy Tuesday!

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