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The City

Not only is New York a place I dream of visiting, it’s also a place I one day wish to live. One of my favourite series I used to watch, and still watch over and over is The City, a spin off Mtv series from The Hills. So when I dream of living in New York, I dream of having Olivia Palermo’s life. Living in the Upper East side of New York and working at Elle… Oh the joys of celeb’s lives.

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A piece of BIG CITY LIFE

Today the lovely blogger, Sam from Big City Life is going to be sharing a piece of herself. Sam is an  advertiser, cook and shopaholic, lover of Jack Russells, shoes & all things food with a particular weakness for Butlers pizza.

Describing myself in five words… Food-lover, day-dreamer and creatively odd.

The book I’m reading now is… “The Psychopath Test” by Jon Ronson, it sounds a bit freaky but it’s absolutely fascinating to a psych grad and geek like me.

My dream outfit is… I’d love to be able to pull off the emerald green gown Keira Knightly wears in Atonement as Cecilia…

I’m loving… Ellie Goulding, the first signs […]

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Light up my life!

There is nothing more that I love that a perfectly decorated table..But, one important factor that to me is the cherry on the top and can make or break your tabletop decor is the right lighting. To me lighting set’s the mood of your room. You must have the lighting right, not only must it be pretty to look at, it must also be the right amount of light to enjoy a meal, have a good conversation, etc. Something I love is chandeliers, and to me they are the perfect way to jazz up your dining room…they are just so beautiful and elegant.

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we have never only been friends

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Keep Calm and Rock Star on

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10 things Im loving..

1. Stella McCartney’s Peek-a-boo Panelling

2. Chocolate brownies

3. China- fashion’s new love affair with the rich designs

4. The latest fashion must have:  a super-luxe parka

5. Having my sister here for the weekend

6. Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen’s debut bag collection

7. October is a week away (Coldplay and King of Leon.. thumbs up!)

8. The summer weather Cape Town is having

9. The boyish trend

10. Dave from Idols (h o p e he wins)

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