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Happy Halloween

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Whats everyone doing today for Halloween?

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Here’s to new beginings…

After a lot of thinking and after a lot of procrastination I decided to resign from my dream job earlier this week.  It was one of the hardest decision’s I have ever had to make, and one I hope I will never regret.  Working in retail, there are up’s and down’s.  Up’s being every day is different, new and exciting and retail is something I love but the down’s being that you work seven days a week, 13 hours a day and your life starts to become your work.  When I landed this job, I was over the moon and new it would be tough especially after be warned about […]

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A piece of.. nom nom cupcakes

Today the lovely Johannesburg blogger, Jessica from Nom nom cupcakes is going to be sharing a piece of herself.  Jess is cupcake obsessed telecoms engineer who likes cooking, shopping and travelling. Visit her blog to see what she’s cooking this week! Nom nom nom…

Describing myself in five words… A cupcake obsessed telecoms engineer

The book I’m reading now is… The Great Big Veg Challenge – A blog turned book by Charlotte Hume – It has some interesting veggie recipes, I bought it at the Exclusive Books clearance sale 😀

My dream outfit is… A 1950s style evening dress with black lace with bright pink kitten heels

I’m loving… My brand new, […]

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Shelf prettiness

On those lazy Sunday afternoon’s when there’s not much to do, I like to either go on a house cleaning spree, wardrobe cleanout or think I am an interior decorator and start moving all my furniture around.  And this past Sunday I become an interior decorator.  One of the first things I did was sort out my recipe books. I have free floating shelves in my kitchen filled with my recipe books. Many of us have shelves at home, so I thought today I would share some pretty display options for your shelves. …whether is color coding your books, placing them horizontally and vertically, adding […]

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A home with a mood

I could not wish for anything more than my home to have a homely feel and give off an inviting mood.  Everyone hopes (Im sure) that their homes are welcoming and warm, but there are those homes you go to where you feel uncomfortable and unwelcome.  It’s weird how that happen’s.  It’s not something the owner does, or something the owner can say that makes their home inviting and warm but its the feeling the home has. This house to me, set’s a clear moodiness, thanks to the photography, and there’s no denying that what lies between these walls is pure and utter gorgeousness. What […]

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