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romantic night away

Valentines Day is fast approaching, some of you are trying not to get sick but other’s (like me) who are hopeless romantics and love anything to do with February the 14th this post is for you.

With just under two weeks to go until the day of love arrives, I thought it would be perfect to share this little weekend (or even nights) getaway. It’s close enough to escape for the night, Babylonstoren lies between Franschhoek and Paarl. Certain aspects of it date all the way back to the 1690′s which itself is incredible to think of, while many of the spaces were built in […]

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{As you know, Im in Durban for the week}

{My maid Thandi, one of the most special people in my life}

{Pheobe and Thandi}

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Scenes from my weekend.



{The boyf}

{Yorkie Play Date at the beach with Holly and April}

{Holly- The Bumble B’s baby}

{Ella and Jack passed out}

Last night, I flew to Durban for a few days.  So will be sure to share some pictures from my week in Durban.  Happy Monday! Have a lovely week…

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{Happy Friday}

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Weekend love.

Finally, its the weekend again.  Im off to Durban on Sunday for a few days, so I wont do much posting next week.  It’s my mum’s birthday on Monday, so I will be enjoying some family time. My week will be spent going to the million appointments my mum has booked me- from dentist’s to beautician to chriopractor to hair dresser.. (some of the best part’s about going home) along with cooking, seeing what Durbs shop’s have and catching up with friends.  Wont be gone to long as I will be missing the boyf, and my little Jack and Ella.

{my mum […]

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The Year of The Sisters

Sorting through my piles and piles of magazines to throw out and give away, I came across Vogue’s Best Dressed Issue with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on the cover.  The list theme happened to be ” Dynamic Duos “. Vogue is also calling it the “Year of the Sister”.  From Full House to becoming fashion moguls, Mary- Kate and Ashley Olsen come in as the number one dynamic duo. This is the ultra chic twins first Vogue cover. There were Top 10 best dressed duos but some of my favourites are Catherine and Pippa Middleton, Dakota and Elle Fanning and Beyonce and Solange Knowles. They just all […]

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Bedroom makeover.

Last week my new floor’s were put down, and as stressful as it was I am over the moon with the result.  It brings such a light and fresh feel throughout my home.  But, now that the floors are done, it makes me feel like my whole home needs a little bit of a makeover, starting with my bedroom.  It’s weird how that tends to happen. Suddenly somethings done up, and everything else seems like its a little tacky. So, with a room makeover in mind, here a few images I have found as options of how my room could, and hopefully will […]

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