Let’s get healthy.

blood orange over radish, micro greens with shallots, white pine salt and meyer lemon walnut oil dressing.
rainbow carrot, ginger salad with cilantro and a maple, lime dressing.

 asian pear and persimmon salad with celery leaf and blood orange dressing.

 sautéed hen of the woods with fermented black garlic over chopped parsley, with a bergamot, lemon and olive oil dressing.
I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been on a serious sugar binge as of late (examples here, here & here). Every afternoon, I find myself opening another box of white easter eggs and before I know it, the box is finished. So, lets see [...]

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Beach Home.

Last night I had dinner at the boyf’s parents.  His mum is wanting to redo their guest bedroom at their holiday home in Plett, so while paging through piles of House & Garden magazine’s I started dreaming about how I would decorate my beach home I one day with to own.  My families beach home is down the South Coast of Natal,  my mum went with the whole blue and white theme throughout the whole house.  It’s made it so fresh, open and beachy.  There’s something about blue and white that is so seaside.  I love the feel of my beach home, it gives you [...]

scenes from my weekend.

I feel like my weekend was a fairytale.  I had my mum down from Durban for a few days.  She bought down my winter sleepwear samples that Ive had made up.  If any of you are fussy when it comes to sleepwear, love white and are looking for something without a giant teddy bear on the front of your nighty then contact me.  If I may say so myself, the winter range is amazing. I love it. Drop me a mail and I will keep you up to date at what store’s to find them, and when.
 {Alice’s birthday tea}
{The boyf and I}


On Friday evening, The boyf and I decided to treat ourselves to a little seven course meal at Myoga Restaurant.  Living a stone throw from The Vineyard Hotel and having never been to Myoga let alone never eaten a seven courses meal before, I was quite excited.

Myoga, meaning Ginger Blossom in Japanese is the venture of award winning chef Mike Bassett.  The amazing seven course tasting meal is R225 per person excluding the additional wine paring package. At Myoga you have the choice between the seven course tasting menu and a normal menu, but seeing, as I said Ive never had a seven course meal before, The Boyf and [...]


Pop of RED.

This year, will be my fifth year of living in my home.  When I first moved in I made the whole downstair’s area white, fresh with cream and white couches and accessories and kept everything simple. But when Country Road Homewear bought out a divine range of red home accessories, I could help but buy one or two things, and slowly over time my downstair’s area has changed from a simple clean white area to one with pop’s of red.  That’s the nice thing about keeping an area white and simple because over time, I can change the red to something else. There’s something so radient about the colour [...]

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Happy Friday.
Have a weekend filled with love and laughter.

Cream and cosy

It’s good to dream, right?!  I am an over dreamer, over wishes and over planner.  If I could, I could build my dream home tomorrow, I would have everything planned out.  I would know the wall colour of every room down to the smallest detail.  As fun, and modern as it is to add some deep colour to your wall’s, I prefere having cream (or white) wall’s to keep it simple. They really aren’t as boring as you would think, I promise. Add bright punchy colours in fabric;s or even really fun patterns can completely divert your attention and make cream walls fun.

{images found nancymarcus. theglamlamb. pinterest.}