After finishing at Elizabeth Galloway Fashion Academy in Stellenbosch my dream was to become a designer, so I gained experience in retail, media and styling before focusing on my designer dream.  While gaining experience with big retail companies and media houses, I saw how people’s lives were becoming faster, more demanding and leaving less time for luxury and relaxing. Anna-Louise was born for my love for sleepwear and the frustration over the lack of sophisticated product available in the market.  Anna-Louise Sleepwear creates a calm in the evenings, a balance in the chaos of life that helps leave the stresses of your day behind. My vision was to create sleepwear without teddy bears, cartoon characters or corny sayings that anyone would be proud to wear all day, everyday.

Anna-Louise is a luxury sleepwear collection providing stylish and comfortable designs for both men and women.  It’s a farewell to the big baggy old t-shirt and a welcome to stylish and beautiful sleepwear.

My Sleepwear collection is perfect for situations like breakfast with house guests, pre-wedding prep and for new mums in hospital.