Anna-Louise Sleepwear is a luxury sleepwear collection that is designed and made locally in South Africa.
Anna-Louise believes that every women deserves to sleep like a princess in good quality sleepwear.
Our Sleepwear is a farewell to those big baggy nighties and a welcome to beautiful and stylish sleepwear.
Nothing beats taking a long bath at the end of a busy day and dressing up in something comfortable and lovely.
Spoil yourself with Anna-Louise Sleepwear so that you can not only look but feel gorgeous too.

“Always wear amazing sleepwear, you never know who you might meet in your dreams”

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Fashion designer and entrepreneur Anna started Anna-Louise Sleepwear in 2012.  She is creative, passionate, driven and dynamic.
Anna studied fashion design at Elizabeth Galloway Fashion Academy in Stellenbosch. She then gained experience working for big corporate companies,
with the goal in mind that she would one day run her own business.


Anna-Louise Sleepwear is stocked around the country as well as in the UK.
Anna-Louise Sleepwear is quickly creating a name as a luxury label in South Africa.

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Anna-Louise Sleepwear is also found at most of the Market at the square on the last Friday of every month, I heart market and Wonder Market’s in Durban.
Like our facebook page for regular updates on which market’s we will be taking part in, and where else you can find us.

In Anna’s spare time she blog’s about fashion, friends, family, her adorable yorkies Jack and Ella, baking, and other things that she loves.

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