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Birthday wishlist.

With just over two week’s to go until I turn the big two five – I thought it about time that I share my birthday wishlist with you all.  Now this is just a wish list, a girl can dream, right?

– Steve Madden studded leopard print loafers

– Moto from Topshop denim studded jacket

– meet Bryn my latest handbag crush by Mulberry

{see my post here}- Fiji friendship bracelet

– Topshop cream studded loafers

– basically all of Country Road’s pastel Spring/Summer Collection

{especially the pumps}

– Steve Madden sequins pumps

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With four days to go until I leave for China and Hong Kong, I thought it was about time I made myself a little wishlist for my trip.  Because obviously A LOT of shopping will be done..

{Balenciaga Clutch}

{H&M waistcoat}

{Zara studded box bag}

 {Acetate sunglasses}

{Zara lace skirt}

{Prada Celine Bag}

{Zara fringed skirt}

{Zara dress}

{H&M blazer}

{Canon S100}

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Restaurants to try.

Being a virgo, I’m very stuck in my way.  When there’s a girls lunch, I always suggest Tashas and order the exact same thing every.single.time. (Yes, how boring) and when Im out for dinner its always the fillet or salmon option (The Boyf could basically order for me without looking at the menu) and I always suggest the same places. Yawn! My favourites being Uitsig, Wijnhuis or Hussars (Being a burbs girl, those are my closest and favourites seeing I love a good fillet) So I am now on the look out to try new places, write them down and tick them off.  So far, […]

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Happiness is.. .


collection of books

highlights (once they done)

sweet shopping

roses in your home

afternoon sleeps


eating ice creams

Happy Wednesday Poptarts!

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I’m not the biggest book worm around.  I’m more of a series and magazine junkie kinda girl.  But, when weekend’s come round and its rainy, snuggling up with a good book and a cup of tea is the perfect afternoon for me.  So today,  I’ve decided to do a little TOP 10 of my favourite reads..

1. Don’t Let Me Go: Catherine Ryan- So not being the book worm as I mentioned above, this book is a brilliant book for anyone who is more into series and magazines than books.  It’s about young girl living in LA with her mom who is […]

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Wish you a scented Christmas

With Christmas being under three weeks away, and the idea of what to get loved ones for Christmas I thought I would do a 10 things post on my TOP 10 sweetest things.  What gift could be better than making your family and friends feel beautiful? See my ten favourites Ive sniffed out..

1. Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Nuit Illuminating Power Limited Edition, R520.

2.  Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-usage Dry Oil, R210.

3.  Scottish Fine Soaps, Au Lait Complete Bathing Kit, R259.

4.  Elie Saab le parfum Body Cream, R720

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10 things that made me smile :)

1. Goldendoodle puppies.  How adorable?  I think my next little dog will be one of these.  Can you get them in SA?

2. Loving this upstyle.  When I have some free time I will try this.

3. Matching pyjama’s.  I think Adrian and Jack might find this in their Christmas stocking. Can you imagine?

4.  This face!  I remember watching this programme as a child.

5.  Father of the Bride Home.  I love this house!

6.  Hanky Panky panties.  I got these in my stocking last year and have become obsessed. So if you wanting to spoil yourself.  These are the best to buy.

7. COSMIC radiance by Britney Spears.  This […]

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10 things I am loving..

1. I was surprised when I saw this image and thought it would be perfect for my 10 things Im loving post, especially because this particular phrase is no stranger to my normal speak.

2. Ella and Jack in their matching jersey’s.  Cape Town’s weather was icy today!

3.  There are so many movies coming out now that I am dying to see.  Today’s weather would have been perfect to have spent the day in a cinema.

4. Speaking of movies, I think my favourite will be New Year’s Eve. (Watch the Trailor here)

5. Love, love, love these heart shape photo collage.  If I wasn’t such a neat […]

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What’s in my handbag?

After reading Kiss, Blush and Tell’s what’s in my handbag post, and after seeing numerous other blogger’s share what they carry around daily in their handbag’s I thought I would share with you what’s in mine.

I have always been told I have a heavy bag, and have always blamed it on the water bottle I carry around but after emptying out my bag, I see my bag is filled with a lot more!

I have always been one for big over sized handbag’s, the handbag I am using today is my Urban Outfitter’s brown studded leather handbag I bought in London earlier […]

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10 things Im loving from this past week

1. Breakfast at the Mount Nelson last Wednesday

2. At our work breakfast, I won best Visual Merchandiser for the month of September. (thumbs up!!)

3. Coldplay

4. My Dad came to stay

5. He bought me presentsss from London town

6. Obsessed with my new Chanel pumps

7. Im in charge of the new window concept Nation wide .. excittted!!

8. I did the Gun Run yesterday

9. Spending yesterday at the beach

10. Having the day off yesterday

Hope you all had a lovely week and weekend.

Happy Monday!

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