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In my dream day, I would….

Live here.

Wake up with a view like this.

Have a dressing room like this.

Relax like this.

and bake this.

{ All images via my pinterest page }

How would you spend your dream day?

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Paste your wall’s pink with flowers.

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When it comes to interior design, I’ve always been one for using neutral elements for your fixed pieces { tiles, countertops, walls and basically everything }, and bring in colour through accessories that can be easily switched out to suit your mood. That is, until I spotted these beauties. Sometimes you just need to toss out all of your rules and paste your walls in bright pink flowers.

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Local living.


After spending just under a week in Durban, where they dont know what winter is, I must admit I am reallllyyyy looking forward to summer.  This rainy Cape Town weather has got the best of me.  How stunning is this Cape Town home in the picture’s above- it really makes you miss summer, right?

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These are the Anantara Kihavah Villas in the Maldives. I cannot dream of anything more relaxing and luxurious.  Take me there now!

{All photos are from Honestly WTF blog}

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one fine stay.

“one fine stay” is everything you have ever wanted when thinking of traveling – as they say ‘there’s nothing wrong with marble lobbies’ but they take the fun part’s of hotel’s, what you miss about your home and put it together!

  “One fine Stay” is based on such a simple idea: using the perks of staying in a hotel but not compromising on culture and location. Based in London, they currently run two locations: London and New York. Luxurious houses/apartments are available across the two cities and cater to different needs.

And as they say, they are the unhotel.. the chance to live like […]

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Summer. Hurry up.


Bakoven Beach house, by the sea shore.  A perfect way to make you miss summer, right?  We’ll it’s something for us to all look forward to. They say that the cure to anything is salt water- sweat, tears or the sea – and I don’t believe that truer words have ever been spoken.  And in this case sea is the answer!  Love how simple everything in this beach home is.  Let the count down to summer begin…

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camping in luxury.


Camping and me definatly do not go hand in arm.  I can do it if everything’s done for me, which in this case it is.  There’s something about being one with nature that makes camping good for the soul.  Camping in my head reminds me of those dreadful school week’s away so when I came across this, there was something invigorating about it. As it seem’s the complete opposite to something we were forced to do on school outings.

Enter Shelter Co. Not only will they go ahead of time to set up your camp which takes the part I […]

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beach bliss.


It’s so nice to find it beach home’s that avoids the use of soft blues, sheer curtains and seashell accessories- as much as I love it.  It’s a bit over done.  This one in particular is especially pleasing. Designer Amelia Handegan has done an exceptional job at transforming this 1940′s seaside home into a holiday getaway that feels relaxed and uncontrived, the way a holiday home is intended, all the while staying away from all things anchor, boat related and beachy.

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less is more.


When it comes to the saying “less is more” I should have that painted across my fore head.  I hate hate hate clutter. This Paris apartment is the perfect example of the less is more approach to design. A few carefully curated pieces is all you really need to make a statement – and a beautiful one at that.

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Joan’s on Third.


One of my dream’s, or should I say something I hope to one day have is a little gourmet deli.  This isn’t the first time Ive mentioned this little dream.  (See here, here and here) It’s something that is always at the back of my mind so, when I come across places like THIS, I feel I have to share them with you as they almost too good to keep to myself.  Joan’s on Third is a stunning food boutique loacted in Los Angeles and if I were ever a shop, this is what I would wish to look like.  Joan’s […]

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