My past couple of month’s in pictures.

If you followed Anna-Louise before you would know, I had a weekly post called “Scenes from my weekend”.  Well seeing I haven’t posted in a few month’s I thought it fit to share, My past couple of month’s in pictures.

Phinda with the Downes/ Isle of Man/ London/ Ken’s wedding/ Mozambique

Scenes from my weekend.

Ella/ Jack/ Lunch at The Oyster Box/ TOB/ Tea time/ with Jack/ my babies.

Scene’s from my week in JHB.

Granny Smith Breakfast/ Tashas morningside/ Macaroons/ Gingerbread men/ Airport boredom/ Off my babies go.

Scene’s from my weekend.

James’ birthday drinks/ with Nicola/ tug of war/ Ella/ Friday night with Tor/ Sunday evening braai

Scenes from my weekend.

Em, Jessie and I/ Ella and I/ Clifton mornings/ Babel for lunch/ Breads/ morning walk

Scene’s from the past week.

Kisses from Jack/ Sugarman/ with Abs and mum/ birthday girl Alice/ Jack at the airport/ Off they go/ My favourites/ feeling sorry myself/ Rugby fun/ Back to CPT

Scenes from my week & weekend

Paws and a nose/ Haagen-Darz/ sunrise/ CPT mornings/ my babies/ Valentines Day/ Lions Head/ Sunny Sundays/ Granny Smith Breakfast

Scene’s from my weekend.

On the way to 10′s/ with Alice/ with the girls / Sunday lunch/ with Bardot – adorbs! / Relaxing
This past weekend was such fun, one of those when suddenly you blink your eye’s and Carte Blanche is on and you wondering where your weekend went. Saturday flew by at CT 10′s and Sunday lunch turned into a full day event. I think this week is also going to fly by.  Last night I was the start of Varisty Cup Rugby so I spent my evening on the green mile {as UCT student’s would call it} and tonight is Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s.  ” Life doesn’t stop for [...]

week in durban.

mama and me/ with Teddy/ Lunch at the Oyster box/ Mum’s birthday cake/ Oyster Box tea time/ Thandi the masterchef / Anthurium’s
Spent last week in Durban and in between work got to have a little fun, mainly birthday fun with my mum!

Scene’s from my weekend.

Cant believe it’s already Wednesday.  Where has this week flown too?  Last week Tuesday – Jack, Ella and I arrived back from our holiday { see post here } and even since then, things have been a little hectic.  My weekend was very relaxed, spent most it with friends.  Sunday we went to the waterfront market, { sadly I don’t have any images from there } BUT it was amazing.  If you haven’t been, you really must go.  It’s open from Tuesday – Sunday till 7.30pm.

Ella / Lunch at Starlings / Vida Gelado/ Ella & Jack.