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House envy.

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Every now and again I stumble apon some of the most amazing homes, and I blog about them under my “when I grow up” or “on my wishlist” categories.  Today, I have definitely found myself a little home in France I could easily move into.

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one day.

If you never saw my tweets last week, you might not have known that I was in a wedding wonderland for the week.  I spent a couple of days assisting on the FAIRLADY Bridal issue.  Not only did we shoot at an amazing venue, but the dresses we worked with were out of this world.  It got me wanting a wedding.  This was the second year in a row, assisting on their bridal shoot and I loved every minute.  So, seeing im feeling the wedding love I thought I would share a few pictures of what I, one day dream my wedding to […]

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Crushing again.

Last week I posted about Boston Terrier’s (see post here) and how adorbale I find them.  Well, I have to admit, I have another little crush on French Bulldogs.  If my garden was a little bigger, I can promise you now I would have a home filled with little four legged animals running around.  I can just see Jack and Ella with a little Boston Terrier brother and French Bulldog sister.  Dont you agree they just too sweet for words?


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I have a massive crush…

On Boston Terrier’s.

When I say that I feel like im cheating on Jack and Ella.  No dog could ever replace them but I cant help but think that Boston Terrier’s are adorable!! Im a little obsessed.


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Beach Home.

Last night I had dinner at the boyf’s parents.  His mum is wanting to redo their guest bedroom at their holiday home in Plett, so while paging through piles of House & Garden magazine’s I started dreaming about how I would decorate my beach home I one day with to own.  My families beach home is down the South Coast of Natal,  my mum went with the whole blue and white theme throughout the whole house.  It’s made it so fresh, open and beachy.  There’s something about blue and white that is so seaside.  I love the feel of my beach home, […]

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Cream and cosy

It’s good to dream, right?!  I am an over dreamer, over wishes and over planner.  If I could, I could build my dream home tomorrow, I would have everything planned out.  I would know the wall colour of every room down to the smallest detail.  As fun, and modern as it is to add some deep colour to your wall’s, I prefere having cream (or white) wall’s to keep it simple. They really aren’t as boring as you would think, I promise. Add bright punchy colours in fabric;s or even really fun patterns can completely divert your attention and make cream walls fun.

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Happy Valentines Day dolls.

♥ ♥

♥ ♥ ♥

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The Year of The Sisters

Sorting through my piles and piles of magazines to throw out and give away, I came across Vogue’s Best Dressed Issue with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on the cover.  The list theme happened to be ” Dynamic Duos “. Vogue is also calling it the “Year of the Sister”.  From Full House to becoming fashion moguls, Mary- Kate and Ashley Olsen come in as the number one dynamic duo. This is the ultra chic twins first Vogue cover. There were Top 10 best dressed duos but some of my favourites are Catherine and Pippa Middleton, Dakota and Elle Fanning and Beyonce and Solange Knowles. They just all […]

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I believe my attraction in masculine homes (as seen here & here) was short lived because the moment I set my eyes on this one fresh little home my heart was set aflutter. I love how the white washed walls act as the perfect back drop for the beautiful found objects placed in this home. And while I usually hate the use of the term “a pop of colour”, there really is no better way to describe what’s going on in this space. It makes the neutral home feel anything but boring. Im in the process of finding new flooring to put down in my home […]

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Cup and Cake

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Some of you may have noticed I tend to blog alot about sweet treats, little things Ive baked up in my kitchen, deli’s and cafe’s I dream to one day own (See here and here). Well I dont think I could have ever imagined finding a little place quite like the one I dream of having, until I came across Cup and Cake located in Barcelona (How cute is the name). They serve up just what the name is, alongside loose leaf teas, warm pastries and soft bread (that you could toast yourself at your table). I think Ive found heaven and […]

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