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After finishing at Elizabeth Galloway Fashion Academy in Stellenbosch my dream was to become a designer, so I gained experience in retail, media and styling before focusing on my designer dream. While gaining experience with big retail companies and media houses, I saw how people’s lives were becoming faster, more demanding and leaving less time for luxury and relaxing. Anna-Louise was born out of  love for sleepwear and the frustration over the lack of sophisticated products available in the market. Anna-Louise Sleepwear creates calm in the evenings, a balance in the chaos of life that helps leave the stresses of your day behind.

Anna-Louise Sleepwear collection is the epitome of style, perfect for early morning school drop offs, a stylish Sunday breakfast with house guests, a comfy and classic look for new mum’s in hospital and a cute gift to bridesmaids or brides to be for the morning of the wedding day.

Each season ANNA-LOUISE launches a new print or colour following the seasons trends in comfortable and stylish designs . The ANNA-LOUISE brand and its products are high quality. Anna and her team work hard to create fashion pieces that are stylish and modern. We hope you enjoy the attention to detail shown in every garment.


Once reserved solely for the bedroom, sleepwear have made the transition into daywear. No longer needing to choose between comfort and style women can ride the fashion wave in their ANNA-LOUISE sleepwear sets.


ANNA-LOUISE is designed and made locally in South Africa. We support SA based specialist factories and suppliers with all fabrics being sourced and produced in the SA.

Sweet dreams are made of Anna-Louise Sleepwear.