nurtureOne Nesting Cushions


The nurtureOne nesting cushion provides your baby with the ideal sensory needs for sleep while promoting development by allowing movement and self-soothing to occur. With your baby?s need for containment and peace in mind, we have designed the unique nurtureOne nesting cushion.

The cushion assists with the snug position for sleeping, which in turn encourages calm and relaxation. Allowing for a smooth transition from breast or bottle to crib without changing position, the nurtureOne cushion is our answer to every parent?s question: How can I help my baby sleep well?

  • Assists in sustaining good sleeping patterns
  • Provides boundaries in the bed
  • Reduces unnecessary stress
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Promotes containment and a sense of calmness
  • Allows a smooth transition from breast/bottle to crib

Researched, designed and developed by medical practitioners.
Endorsed by Occupational, Sensory and Developmental Therapists.

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