Our Team

Anna-Louise is an online store that can ship anywhere in South Africa, and around the world. Bringing you products that are timeless, or high quality and key to the ultimate self-care.

Founding Story

Wife, mum-of-two very busy boys and proud owner of a very known sleepwear brand, Anna wanted to redirect her passions in early 2022 after a successful 10 years in the fashion and sleepwear industry.

For Anna, her bed has always been her sanctuary. A place for her to unwind and relax. And after becoming a mom, her dream was to create that same feeling for her children. She wanted to find products for her boys that were unique, of great quality and timeless. Pieces that were an investment and were the ultimate self-care for both baby and adults.

Teaching children to prioritize oneself and honor what they need. Which for some may be connection, stillness, some soft music, a good book or a great night’s sleep.

More about us

Anna-Louise is the ultimate self-care store for children, parents and family that aims to bring you a curation of the best products locally and internationally. All our products are aimed to help improve sleep, the quality of sleep and give you a great night’s sleep. Our pieces are carefully picked for important parts of your day: whether you are waking up or calling it a night.

Our store is your daily reminder to find beauty in everyday. We pride ourselves in our locally made and sourced products, and are happy to have the best of the international brands as part of our online store.